A limited edition 100-Year-Old rare Cognac launched by Pierre Ferrand

The one thing that keeps getting better with age is a sprit which has been brewed well right from the time it came into being. And after 100 years, it’s not just rare, but also perfect for special occasions. While just a few big names deal with such coveted Grande Champagne selling is French Cognac house Pierre Ferrand is one of them. And another feather on their hat is a new 100-year-old limited edition L’Hommage de Pierre Ferrand. The Cognac has been distilled before World War I and tucked away in Ferrand’s Logis d’Angeac cellar for over a century. Not only is the sprit rare and delicious, but even its packaging is also delightfully tasteful. 10 numbered crystal carafes will contain the stunning bronze cognac that tastes of prune and candied fruits. Priced at $3,000 apiece, each bottle will also come with a certificate of authenticity.

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