A new coffin bejeweled with gold, diamonds and pearls honors Simon Bolivar

They say you don’t take the riches of the world to your grave, but golden caskets or those crafted in fine wood seem to be a way for the world to tell you how much you are valued in the world. After Zsa Zsa Gabor, Liz Taylor, Michael Jackson and Sir Jim Savile, it is time for 19th century Venezuelan independence leader Simon Bolivar to get a new coffin containing Bolivar’s remains and adorned with gold, pearls and diamonds. Unveiled by Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, the new mausoleum is worth 119 million bolivars ($27.7 million).

It is said to contain Bolivar’s remains with golden stars and the national seal along with his initials and golden laurels. The decorations on the coffin are also said to have Venezuelan diamonds and pearls.

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