A opulent style of playing chess with the Hammond Chess Set by Ralph Lauren

I love playing chess. It’s one game that really makes you use your gray cells and ensures that your opponent is just as smart. But you can add a dash of opulence to bring down the geeky-ness of the game. What better way than getting a branded chess set, that too with a Ralph Lauren tag! Up for grabs is a Hammond chess set from the luxury fashion house. The black nickel board and pieces have been modeled following a minimalist yet modern design. The board comes with a black leather base to store the pieces after you finish playing.

Priced at $2,000, the set is not really too expensive considering you can look for more opulent stuff from Alexander Gelman, Goldstriker, Steve Vigar, a Jewel Royale one or even one made with real money for to give you a luxurious high.

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