A personal roller coaster in your home with price tags to make you dizzy

Looking to incorporate a theme park in your own backyard like Celine Dion and Michael Jackson. To help you realize your dream of having your very own theme park in your home, we present you with some of the best-used roller coasters deals and other deals on rides that are currently up for sale through a website. If you want to go all out and splurge on the most expensive one in the lot, shell out Euro 950,000 ($1.2 million) and take home the Shockwave Loop Coaster. Said to be in excellent condition and has TUV.

The second most expensive used roller coaster on offer is the $565,000 Miller Coaster Company Kersplash Water Coaster. The Water Coaster has a total of eight cars and can seat four people per car.
Moving on from the roller coaster, another most essential ride at any theme park and my personal favorite is a carousel. Yes, and now you can get a two storey Carousel for $350,000! Boasting 32 seats in all, it features Dragons, Hippos, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Panda Bears, Zebras, and Horses as seats.
For the adrenaline junkies, $276,940 Zamperla Drop Tower is definitely a must buy.
There is also another favorite of many, Bumper Cars! You can get the Barbieri Bumper Cars featuring 24 bumper cars can be yours for $170,000.
Last but not the least every amusement park must have a snack stall as well as a ticket booth. The website offers both. The food trailer will set you back by $40,000 while three ticket booth will set you back by $22,500.
So go ahead and invest in these babies and watch your theme park turn into a reality. What is more, the website also offers you the opportunity to buy your theme park for $1,617,335 (this is excluding the land price).
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