A rare and priceless book treasure

Book lovers who indulge in an extensive collection of the manuscripts of the icons who created a roar in history shall have their yearnings gratified. AbeBooks is offering a chance to own 10 priceless and rare books including the “An Atlas of England and Wales” from Christopher Saxton dated back to 1574, leading with a price tag of $750,000. The atlas which was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I had maps that bore the Royal arms as the symbol of her supervision and endorsement. Another one that costs a cool $ 1,800,000 is “Ptolemy’s first atlas printed in Germany, from 10 years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”

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AbeBooks have a few from other genres as well, among which were, “On the origin of species from the Father of Evolution, Charles Darwin” for $179,000, Lord Jim from Joseph Conrad at $98,000 and Emma from Jane Austin priced at $529,000. This would probably be deemed as the costliest book fair man has ever seen!

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