A rare Chinese bahaba on sale for $140,000

A Zhejiang based fisherman netted a rare Chinese Bahaba whose air bladder is said to be as expensive as gold in weight. It was last seen almost 50 years back. It is dark brown all over, 1.2-meter long and 15-kg in weight. Even the most experienced fisherman was astonished to see a fish like this. The Chinese Bahaba found earlier was 3.5 kg and worth 1million USD. Li, who found the fist approached an aquatic research institution expert the next day after finding the fish, who uttered the appearance should tell it’s a Chinese bahaba but, still, a dissection is needed to make sure it is not another species similar to Chinese Bahaba. Li declined the expert’s suggestion in fear that it would ruin the fish and lower the selling price. He also turned down a fish vendor’s offer of 500,000 for this queer fish, making it clear he would not let it go for less than 1 million.

In April 2007, a fisherman in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong province, netted a 49-kg Chinese bahaba and sold it to a restaurant owner for 580,000 yuan. The restaurant cooked the fish meat but has kept the dried maw since, tagging it at 2 million yuan with words “not for sale”. Now that is surprising!

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