A real diamond stamp commemorates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Preparations to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II seem to be getting bigger and better. So if u are itching to add something to that royal collection, then a limited edition real diamond stamp for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is now up for grabs. Each sheet will feature two stamps, one of the reigning Queen while the other will be of her father King George VI. A 1.25 mm diamond will be embedded in the diadem crown of the Queen on the stamp.

Limited to just 600 sheets, these collectibles will be “released by Jersey post on the 6th of February”. The stamp is said to be further “enhanced by embossing and the hot foil on the Imperial State Crown at the center of the sheet.” Each sheet is priced at £125 ($190).
[Diamond Jubilee Stamps via Richtimes]