A Rocket Ride goes from a nickel to $10,000

Sometime back in the 1960s there came along this cool rocket ride that gave the kids back then a feel of what it is to undertake a journey out of this world. Well, it was probably just a nice ride in an amusement park or something that charged a nickel for a ride. Someone managed to keep this thing safe through the years and now, decades later, the same Classic Storefront Rocket Ride costs a hefty $10,000! However, the price is a bit justified with the new additions that include an electric motor that brings to life all the old functionalities of the ride. These include the rising, diving, and banking motions. Other features include the realistic rocket sound and a countdown timer.

Now I wonder who will buy such a ride. Maybe some famous celebrity who rode it as a kid and wants to bring back the memories of the days before the glamour took over.

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