A rotating chandelier of Swarovski crystal studded guitars – Music is in the air

When there is a guitar exhibition display showing the history of the beautiful instrument, and something else catches your eye, that has to be something truly spectacular, right? Then do check out the rotating “chandelier” made out of Swarovski crystal studded guitars, which is now on display at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. Designed by Amanda Dunbar, this artistic master piece forms an integral part of the “The Guitar: Art, Artists and Artisans” exhibit. Please watch the video of the rotating chandelier here.

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Around 50 guitars worth millions from top entertainers will be featured on the show. The major guitars from popular musicians featured on the exhibit include Roy Rogers, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Lynn Anderson, Brooks & Dunn, Eddy Arnold, B.B. King and Marty Robbins.
Also guitars and other similar string instruments from big guitars makers like Martin, Gibson, Fender, The Telecaster, The SJ-200, The Les Paul, The mandolin, The lute and The ukulele will be featured. The exhibit will also have a “how it’s made” video for the over enthusiastic guitar lovers.

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