A slot car circuit customized inside the belly of a RCR 917 replica

Slot car races used to be a lot of fun growing up. We didn’t really have these amazing miniature scale models to play with, but we were in the minority. If you want to rebuild your collection, why not start with a custom racetrack with the RCR 917? A perfect replica of the automobile took Vic Elford and Gerald Larrousse to victory at the 1971 12 Hours of Sebring, the car sports fiberglass body panels in their original shape.
Update – The pricing for RCR917K begins at $75,000 plus shipping.
Thanks Todd

The miniature features rolling aluminum 3-piece original-style center-lock wheels, race-worn tires, working headlights, and taillights. The interiors sport a 1/32 scale wooden slot car raceway with handmade signs, banners, aluminum Armco railing, trees, and structures, all perfect to the date. While prices are not yet out, this one does make for an amazing collectible!

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