A teen won a chance to wear Christina Ricci’s $25,000 Oscars gown to prom

Christina Ricci has always been an intriguing little thing, but she is the new hero for very happy young lass, who wore her 1999 Oscar Versace couture dress for the best night of her school life, the prom night! 17-year old Kayla Staskiewicz, from Waterford, Michigan, won the opportunity to dawn the dress after she won the WDIV-TV contest, which her father entered her into. The $25,000 size-zero pale gray Versace gown features “thousands of tiny crystal beads in a criss-cross pattern.”

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The young lady added, ‘It was really hot outside but I felt really pretty. My mom kept calling me Cinderella’, which she turned out to be, in a way. She revealed that ten other girls tried out the figure-hugging dress, but it fit only her like a dream. Kayla’s mother, Gayle Staskiewicz, added that her husband Mike put in her name knowing she would be comfortable in the attire. ‘He thought our daughter would look beautiful in that dress and with the size being only a zero, he knew she would have a good chance to fit into it because she is very small,’ she said.

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