A water totter doubles up as a slide for a fun pool experience

Opulent water lovers don’t hit beaches like commoners; they bring the water works right to their doorstep. And what can be more fun than a water park in your back yard? Well adding to your collection of water slides, and floating climb, you can add a water teeter totter that is a fun game for a family of ten, five on either side. Tagged as the resilient rocker, the water slide is set in 1,000 denier polyester fabric sandwiched between two layers of 28 oz of commercial-grade. PVC–the same construction as the inflatable boats used by the U.S. Navy Seals. Anchored in atleast 8-feet of water, the rocked deflates within 20 minutes. When fully inflated, the rocker measures to 16.5-feet length, 8-feet width and 6-feet in height. The rocker is priced at $4,000.