Absolut Vodka reintroduces Bling-Bling gift pack to celebrate 50th anniversary of DFS

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of travel retail group DFS, Absolut, the leading vodka brand is reintroducing its famed Bling-Bling gift pack. The two greats have collaborated over the years, so the re-introduction of this gift pack is not just a celebration of DFS’s fifty years but of the partnership between the two brands as well. DFS’s theme for the anniversary celebrations is ‘The Journey Continues’ and will include a lot of events, limited edition merchandise and offerings. The celebratory Bling-Bling pack features a brand new vibe from the 60’s, that golden era of cocktails. What is more, as part of the celebratory campaign a DFS 50th anniversary signature cocktail has been created by award-winning bartender Andres Basile Leon, named The Golden Dazzler, based on Absolut vodka and Mumm Champagne.

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The limited edition gift pack will be available exclusively in DFS shops in Singapore, Auckland, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, San Francisco, New York JFK and Los Angeles from August 2010.