Absurdity at its peak – A British online store is selling a $650 ‘Thought box’ that you can put on your head to think better

If your hectic life does not provide you any free thoughts, here’s a product that you may want to consider splurging on. Enter ‘Thought Box’, a bizarre looking commodity that is currently being sold online by British store, The Form Emporium. Priced at a whopping £495 ($646), the black box is apparently designed to aid mental efficiency and get you thinking!

The ‘Thought Box’ is made from card and fabric and can be used by placing it over one’s head. It comes with an adjustable internal plastic helmet and earplugs, interchangeable and washable colored filters and of course, the essential stool. As mentioned on the website of the Form Emporium, the box is simply “intended as a personal space to think” The quirky product was also publicized on social media by British broadcaster Jeremy Vine with a caption reading, “Not On The High Street is selling this “Thought Box” for £395 – with the idea being when you need to think, you sit on the stool and put the box on your head to gather your thoughts. Hmm… are you tempted to get one?”

As expected the box received quite a few harsh reviews with comments that read “the box will give the buyer the needed personal space on how ‘dim’ they were to waster ‘that kind of money’” and another reading, “The Loo always proved just as effective.” If you still disagree on the latter and would rather want to get your own thought box, wait up for the next edition as the current one is already sold out!


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