Achieve Your New Year Goals Through Sailing

As the end of the year draws ever-closer, our thoughts turn to what we would like to achieve in 2019. More often than not, we dream up these (sometimes not-so achievable) New Year’s resolutions, only for them to be abandoned by February 1st. But what if there was a way you could enjoy working towards those New Year goals all year-round?

It may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but sailing has some incredible benefits that can help you reach those New Year’s resolutions without even trying. Here’s how to sail your way to a more developed, healthy, well-travelled and sociable you in 2019.

How to make your New Year goals a reality this year

If self-development is one of your New Year Goals, sailing can help you achieve it. After all, sailing is incredibly rewarding; an educational and enriching new skill for you, your family, and friends to acquire. Exploring remote corners of the world is also a personally enriching experience. Buying a sailing yacht enables this invaluable level of self-development, which you, your family and friends will carry through to the rest of your life.

Health benefits
Many people include exercise in their New Year goals, but stop using their gym membership after just a few months. Sailing is an incredibly engaging sport, one which many sailors continue into their retirement, suddenly making keeping fit one of the more achievable New Year’s resolutions.

If you want to get involved in racing, UK shipyard Oyster Yachts hosts many regattas and offers guidance to yacht owners wanting to be more physically challenged. Living on board your blue water cruiser you’ll also be able to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, which has proven health benefits. Imagine dropping anchor, sunbathing on deck, going for a swim, jumping in the dinghy for a trip ashore, and returning to your sailing yacht for an alfresco dining experience with friends and family, freshly prepared for you by your own chef. Sailing has so many aspects that help promote a healthy, happy lifestyle.

If you want to travel more as part of your New Year Goals, a sailing yacht is the perfect platform for global exploration. There are many worldwide destinations that are difficult to access any other way than by boat. This adventurous mode of travel helps you to connect to different cultures, experience diversity and try something new.

Oyster Yachts takes the adventure one step further by hosting its own Oyster World Rally, a 27,000 mile circumnavigation starting in the Caribbean, navigating and cruising through the Pacific islands, New Zealand, Australia, Asian Islands, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Mauritius, Reunion Island and South Africa, to name just a few locations! Available exclusively for Oyster yacht owners, buying one of these beautiful sailboats is one way to ensure that your goal of seeing the world becomes one of your achievable New Year’s resolutions.

Making friends
It can be hard to make and maintain friends as we grow older, with most people settled into their familiar companionships by their mid twenties and everyone increasingly busy. A luxury yacht offers a means of making lasting memories with your family, old friends, and colleagues, as well as a chance to make new connections with like-minded people. As an Oyster yacht owner, you can also get involved in the numerous worldwide Oyster Regattas; these are fun social events involving parties every evening, not just for owners, but for crew, Oyster staff and friends.

Most yacht owners have a direct relationship with Oyster staff, so you’ll always be given a warm welcome upon arrival. Plus, these social occasions extend beyond regattas, with Oyster also hosting parties and dinners for owners during boat shows and other sailing events. Buying an Oyster connects you to an invaluable support network in the sailing community, which lasts a lifetime. Sharing cruising itineraries, yacht design ideas, adventurous sailing stories and future travelling plans nurtures these connections, helping you achieve your New Year Goals of making new friends. Your new Oyster sailing yacht is the perfect place to host all your new pals, designed with a light, airy feel that makes it perfect for entertaining.