“Acqua di Cristallo” records in Guinness books as the most expensive water bottle

Some designers have a knack for winning world records through their products over and over again. Designer Fernando Altamirano, who previously dressed the most expensive cognac bottle in the world-Cognac Dudognon Heritage Henri IV, has made yet another record with his newly designed water bottle for $60,000. This is his second Guinness world record for the highest-priced bottle sold at an auction. What made it achieve the accolade is water from the springs in France, Fiji, and a glacier in Iceland. The icing on the cake is the 5 milligrams of 23k gold dust sprinkled in the water. The Acqua di Cristallo “Tribute a Modigliani is a Modigliani-like sculptured bottle, and the $60,000 tag was reserved for its solid gold version.

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The bottles are made in Gold, gold matte, silver, silver matte, crystal, and various compositions, the regular price being $3,500. But this does not mean that the Acqua di Cristallo is available only to the moneyed. The Acqua di Cristallo bottle is also available in an Ice Blue version for $285. The good thing is fifteen percent of all the sales proceeds will be donated to global warming causes.