Adopt a Sumatran Tiger for $107,000 in Indonesia

Deforestation, poaching, and illegal hunting is the main cause of depleting population of tigers today. To save the Sumatran Tigers from facing extinction, the Indonesian government is launching a unique program to let the rich adopt the extremely rare tigers. Only 400 of these rare tigers are alive today! For a 1 billion rupiah ($107,000) deposit, people will get the chance to become the proprietor of this great beast. Many rich folks wish to own a tiger as it lets them flaunt their social status.

Supporting this adoption scheme, Darori, the ministry’s Director-General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation, said, “And because these people are rich, they will definitely give them good food.” The government’s program has laid down some ground rules regarding adopting these animals. The animals must have already been held in captivity and must be put in cages with minimum dimensions of five meters high, six meters wide, and 10 meters (16 feet by 19 feet by 32 feet). The tigers will remain state property and will be returned to the state if they are no longer wanted. Any cubs the tigers produce will be the property of the state.
The unique scheme has already attracted a lot of criticism from conservationists. If you have always dreamt of owning a pet tiger, then Indonesia is the place to be.