Agri-cube helps to set up a personal organic farm in your car park

With global warming raising its ugly head, it’s high time that people up to their eco-awareness, and who better to help you than the Japanese. If you plan to trade your prized car for one that harms the world less, then this Agri-cube, a hydroponic unit developed by Daiwa House Industry, is just the thing you need. It can produce 10,000 vegetables per year, all in the confined space of a single car park.

Using technologies such as the Variable Height Illumination System, for sun-light styled lighting, and a Fertilizer Circulation and Drainage System coupled with an Air-conditioning packed, the setup can growing stuff like leaf lettuce in 42 days from seeding to harvesting. The setup is available in two designs priced at ¥5,500,000 ($70,000) and ¥8,500,000 ($108,000). Considering that it requires ¥350,000 ($4,500) a year to run, not a real thing at all, I say, after all, think about all the organic produce you can use!

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