Airocide NASA designed purifier cleans air in an out-of-this-world style

One of the places where clean air is a life or death matter is the International Space Station, which is why in the 90’s Nasa developed an air purifier which scrubs the air of ethylene, a gas that builds up on the ISS and causes fruits and vegetables to ripen early. A company known as Airocide bought this experimental device and built an empire out of selling it to grocers, florists and even hospitals. For the first time the company is targeting end consumers, with an air purifier version of the device. NewDealDesign president Gadi Amit designed the device; Amit points out that the air purifier markets “oversells and under delivers,” a position that Airocide is hoping to change.

This NASA designed purifier is not only miles ahead of other purifiers in terms of technology but also in terms of price. One of these purifiers retails at $800, however it seems to almost guarantee delivery as even the government is using it to protect its employees from Anthrax.

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[Airocide Via Gizmodo and Fastcodesign]