Alfred Dunhill Bourdon Poker, Backgammon & Mahjong sets make a perfect gift

Presenting to you the best gifts from Alfred Dunhill. Whether it be a birthday or anniversary, or any other special occasion, these sets could prove to be a good way of showing your appreciation and love. Specifically for those who find it worthwhile to spend hours of gaming indoors. Here are three game sets – Poker, Backgammon and Mahjong. All wrapped in the elegance of British luxury brand – Alfred Dunhill.

Bourdon Poker Set

The Bourdon Poker Set has been handcrafted and beautifully made in wood, as well as wrapped in grey bourdon leather, which is a luxurious Italian cowhide. You would find the hardware done up stainless steel. The rectangular box features a removable inner tray containing the entire poker set. It includes two sets of playing cards, 339 chips and five liars dice, all branded with the Alfred Dunhill logo.

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Price: £1000 ($1,540)

Other options in poker sets covered by us hail from opulent brands like Cartier, Juicy Couture, Giorgio Armani, Asprey and the world’s most expensive – Geoffrey Parker.

Bourdon Mahjong Set

The make of the Bourdon Mahjong Set is exactly the same as the Poker Set, the only difference being the contents of the game. The mahjong set includes tiles, dice and wind indicator, here also, all branded in the Alfred Dunhill vintage logo.

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Price: £1000, ($1,540)

Bourdon Backgammon Set

Following the same pattern and design, the Bourdon Backgammon Set has also been handcrafted in the elegance of grey bourdon leather and stainless steel. This set includes aluminum stones with leather inlays, dice, two cups and the board, all branded.

Price: £1000 ($1540)

Other options for Backgammon sets include: the Hermès Backgammon set in leather & wood and the Geoffrey Parker Backgammon Set.

[Via – Dunhill]