Allow Godzilla’s arch enemy to stand in your den for $23,000

Some of us have the most bizarre likings and actually appreciate the beauty and skills of monsters like Godzilla. So for all those who wish to immortalize these monsters in their very homes, this next piece of news is definitely for you. A company called Morita Shouji is selling figures of Japanese super monsters Godzilla, Mothra, and the three-headed King Ghidorah. But these models are anything but cheap. So incase you plan to start your very own collection, you better be sure you have the right kind of moolah to spare. The company is selling the Godzilla and Mothra models for $3,000 and up in the hopes that the rich and famous will definitely grab this opportunity and buy all 20 of each of the wooden figures. Handcrafted and made of wood they will surely give your unexpected guests and visitors quite a scare. The mighty King Ghidorah is the one that steals the show with his humongous build that measures a whopping 260cm high and weighs 150kg. And yes just like his size, his price is equally large- A crazy $23,000!

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But we are sure there are people willing to pay that much and more to own these amazing figures. So go on and head for the next flight to Japan, as they are exclusively available only in that country.