ALSOK robots take over security at Japanese art gallery

Many have claimed that the future will be a world where the robots will take over the human race. Well, if not the world, these humanoids are at least taking over most jobs of the mortal race. The latest field to be encroached upon by the robots is that of security at various public places. Just have a look of this video that shows a robot patrolling an art gallery in Japan. The hi-tech security drones are created by a security firm named ALSOK that specializes in robot guards. The company has already deployed their drones at various shopping malls, office buildings, and museums. The video shows how despite being surrounded by some of the most amazing pieces of art, visitors at the gallery can’t help but take notice of the hi-tech security guard.

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The robots might have hit the right cord with the visitors and employers, but am sure the security guards who were sacked for these hi-tech drones think otherwise.