AlterG M300: A zero gravity treadmill for super rich only

There are treadmills for workaholics and there are treadmills for music buffs, but here is one treadmill that is purely designed for the super-rich only. Priced at $24,500 (like I said, for super-rich fitness enthusiasts only), this treadmill from AlterG is expected to be available for sale next month and is christened AlterG M300. This extremely expensive treadmill lets you exercise in microgravity! It creates air pressure strong enough to hold up a 400-pound behemoth.

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Using differential air pressure around your lower body to lift you lets you move around in 20%-G or any variation between that and normal gravity. This machine is especially great for folks recovering from leg injuries and older adults who find it hard to walk. What is more, the microgravity feature lets you get maximum exercise benefit and weight loss without the stress on joints, bones, ligaments, and feet.
Such expensive anti-gravity treadmills are already used by half of the NBA teams, many NFL teams and 22 well-heeled collegiate athletic programs. Now thanks to AlterG many wealthy folks too can benefit from this unique treadmill.

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