Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ series will reportedly cost it a staggering $500 million

Suckers for tele-series and especially fantasy blockbusters at that, have news to rejoice! After being hooked to Game of Thrones for what seems like a long long time, here’s a new kid on the block that is promising to keep you glued just as strongly. We’re talking about Amazon’s soon to be released series that is an adaption of the Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings!

Unlike it’s cinema counterpart, this one comes with an improvised story line and a different plot, thus keeping prospective viewers anticipating for more. What makes the series further interesting are the finances that are collectively roped up in for its making. Per reports, Amazon has paid a whopping $250 million to buy the rights to Tolkien’s fantasy franchise. The huge figure covers only two seasons and comes minus advertising and production costs, which are estimated to total out to another $250 million.

These stats make the LOTR series a lot more expensive that its movie trilogy, that cost makers $281 million minus advertising for all three parts! Amazon’s move comes in the wake of the company’s desire to outshine HBO’s Game of Thrones, that costs it makers’ $15 million per episode. Let’s wait to see if Amazon does beats the GOT saga after all!


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