America gets its First Underwater Cycling Studio-Aqua Studio

An exercise created by an Italian physical therapist to rehabilitate injured athletes is now a revolution in Europe, courtesy of its incredible range of health benefits and body sculpting effect. The exercise now makes a splash into the US with Aqua, the first studio solely dedicated to aqua cycling in a magnificent three-level space located in Tribeca, New York.

The Aqua Studio’s 45-minute workout session incorporates a series of core and arm strengthening exercises that are not associated while cycling on land. The water offers a rigorous workout because of its resistance, making you work on your deeper muscles. A bonus is a fact that the water supports your body weight, keeping your joints safe. The metal bikes are placed in four-foot deep water with the handles just beneath the water. It burns cellulite effectively and allows you to burn up to 800 kilocalories. A session leaves exercisers feeling rejuvenated with an +invigorated mind and body.

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The studio will soon house its own juice bar and massage rooms. Customers can take a ride on the cycle with the various schemes offered, ranging from a trial class for $34 to a thirty-class card for $990, a fun break from your regular exercise routine.

[Via – Aquastudiony and Vogue]

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