Amosu offers Porsche Design P9981 Blackberry for Christmas followed by a gold version too

Just about a month ago we saw Blackberry making its much-speculated Porsche Design P’9981 official which put across a beautiful marriage between style, design and functionality. Amosu offers the supercar-inspired smartphone with a limited-edition title and a price tag of £2,000 (around $3,100). The expected arrival dates are believed to be somewhere in late January. However Amosu is offering only five of them just before Christmas, in mid-December, exclusively to their customers. Crafted out of stainless steel and leather, the handsets are available in English as well as in Arabic writing also as expected of Amosu, a customized gold version of Porsche Design P’9981 will be released in January.

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Besides this, Amosu will also place only 20 units of the newly unveiled Bold 9790 touch screen, which comes with specs like fluid high-resolution touch screen, precise optical trackpad, and iconic QWERTY keyboard, all in a narrow, pocketable size. For this as well, the luxury retailers are taking pre-orders for a price of about US$780.

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