Amusement park with a human body theme

I remember the animated cartoon shows which showed characters taking a dip into their friend’s bodies after shrinking themselves. It remained as a fantasy and still does, to this day. However, somewhere in Holland, we have a new amusement park that has the theme of the human body. It’s got everything from a presentation of sperms meeting an egg and a giant mouth with taste buds. It’s a cruise into what you are. The journey begins with the users being led into a wound in the leg of the figure. The first thing they are treated to is an in-depth graphic presentation of how the human body handles the healing of wounds. The place is called Corpus. You have other parts of the human body like the digestive system, heart region, and every other part of the normal human body.

Well, I would like to know if the giant figure is that of a guy or a girl. Nothing sarcastic here, just that it would certain visitors feel a little better seeing the ugly insides of a woman rather than a man.