An art book solely dedicated to Louis XIII Cognac

Connoisseurs of Cognac are in for a real treat. Well, if you love reading books that is! In taking enthusiasts on a journey that explains the creation of the ‘Louis XIII Cognac’, British Publisher ACC Art Books has unveiled an exclusive art book that is dedicated especially to the spirit. Yes, that’s right!

Christened “Louis XIII Cognac: The Thesaurus”, the manuscript explains the past, present, and future of Louis XIII, from the 16th to the 22nd century. It includes tales inspired by real events, which are interspersed with speculative futuristic anecdotes, authentic news reports and interviews, original illustrations, and exclusive photographs of the spirit’s making.

Commenting on the book, the renowned publisher stated – “Disregarding conventional storytelling devices, this art book promises an immersive experience that reflects the perpetual cycle of time, celebrating the history and mystery of the LOUIS XIII cognac legacy in a way never seen before.” In all, the paperback contains 13 chapters, each divided into 2 episodes: one “Movie”, one Documentary.

Each episode in the book explains Louis XIII’s imminence and rise through history with narrations on events such as the 1900 Paris World’s Fair, an Atlantic crossing aboard the Normandie, or a journey on the Orient Express. It further envisions and explains the part LOUIS XIII will play in shaping our future.

“Louis XIII Cognac: The Thesaurus”, will be available for sale in selected bookstores worldwide and on Amazon onward April 2020 for £150 ($193 approx.)

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