An all-Steinway music school in US will house pianos worth $3.5 million

As the University of Tennessee School of Music gears up to start the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center by the fall of 2013, that is not the only thing you can look forward to as a student of music. The University will also open doors to the most expensive pianos globally; they even plan to become an “All-Steinway School.” However, these would not be the first Steinway for the university, as David Northington UT Professor of Piano points out. “Most concert artists prefer to perform on a Steinway if they are given a choice because of its reliability, its beauty of sound, and its comfortability when one is playing it. We have two terrific Steinways, 7-foot instruments, in this room as we do in our piano studios here at the University.”

The university plans to raise over $3,500,000 that would be enough to purchase 60 Steinways pianos that will include models like upright pianos, concert pianos, and four Steinway Hamburg grand pianos. And considering the price rise expected for these sound machines, the college has already booked its instruments before the July 1st price hike hit their plans.


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