An antique Polyphon Automatic Disk Changer is up for grabs

Music lovers would know how rare gramophone players are. However, this is even rarer. Known as the “No. 5” disk player by the Polyphon Musikwerke in Leipzig, Germany, this stunning work of art can change “between 10 disks with a simple slide of a handle”. Dated to 1890, the front of this antique player features program plates that can be modified to match the machine’s disk. Just before dropping a coin, you can shift the brass indicator to the music you want to play to let the music flow automatically.

This rare artifact is 36 inches wide, 101 inches tall, and 21 inches deep and comes in an Art Nouveau-styled case created in walnut and sports burl panels on its original storage cabinet. The player priced $84,500, comes with 16, 22″ disk and is marked as “Polyphon 5” with the serial number “2157”.

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