An extremely rare double slot machine to lay a bet on roulette style game

Slot machines are a lot of fun, and if you think you can reduce your sins of gambling, opt for something really lavish that justifies the negative habit. Not that you need to use it often, antique style machines also add to the décor of your room. Well, if that’s what you are looking for, a rare double slot machine from the house of by the Caille Bros. Co., Chicago, is up for grabs for $248,500. It works with both nickels and quarters, which are the rare features that make it distinguished.

The “roulette” style game lets the player place bets on six different colors in nickels or quarters for the jackpot. Encased within an elaborately carved oak case with nickel, this rare 48 inch wide, 68.5 inches high, and 18inch deep double model is indeed a collector’s dream!

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