Anthropologie does it again – Draws flak from social media for selling a pack of twigs for $50

I’m honestly of the opinion that with the correct marketing strategy, one can sell almost anything, even if they are twigs! USA’s premium home wear retailer Anthropologie is facing the wrath of many for their £40-priced twigs. Marketed as a product that can ‘bring a rustic quality to your home’, we’re talking about paying more than USD 50 for a handful of birch twigs.

Measuring 31in (80cm) by 5in (13cm), each bundle is wrapped in two pieces of brown string and entails 18 twigs.

Underneath the branches, the description reads: ‘If you’re looking to bring a rustic quality to your home, then this bundle of birch wood is the perfect piece for you!’

We’re not surprised that the ‘Decorative Birch Bundle’ has no reviews and is available in one size and one colour.

The ridiculous concept went viral on social media, garnering responses and posts from public personalities all over.

Richard Shakespeare said: ‘£40 for some sticks?! My children could harvest a field in about an hour, we’d be loaded!’

And Barbara Harnisch posted: ‘A lot of birch twiggy stuff is available. My neighbour had a couple of logs stood on end in a basket outside her front door. Had some fake flowers, too. I am far too obtuse to understand.’

[Available at:Anthropologie via:Designtaxi]