Antonio Lupi Silence is a wall integrated wash basin

‘Minimalist’ is a trend that has caught up rapidly, be it in the apparel industry, home décor or even store merchandising. Most modern contemporary styles and designs revolve around an urbane and minimalist swish of its creators brush. Matching pace with this demand curve, Italy based AntonioLupi’s creations have unpretentiously served purpose. The newest of entrants from the Lupi gallery is a wall integrated wash basin known to be ironically christened – Silence aka Silenzio.

Silenzio could be categorized as a futuristic bathroom sink. An updated version of the Strappo basin, another ensemble from the Antonio Lupi house, Silenzio too has been sculpted of Corian and floodlit from within. However, Silenzio qualifies as a more chic expression in comparison to Strappo. This stylized basin although literally invisible from a distance, resembles an artistic stroke that disappears into the wall. Additional efforts of having the basin painted the same color as the wall, could add to its ‘cloak-of-invisibility’.

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For revolutionary times of advancement and inventions, Antonio Lupi’s Silenzio not only stands out as an ultramodern design in bathroom fittings, but also serves its primary functionality requisites.

[Antoniolupi Via Trendir]