Apollo 11 Spacesuit for $9,500

Do you wish to travel to the moon someday? Then why not start preparing for your journey by picking up that perfect spacesuit. Yes, now you can have your own museum-quality replica Apollo 11 spacesuit that was worn by the likes of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The design created for this replica was modeled after the authentic NASA Apollo-era A7L garments, and they’re made from a heavyweight Nylon Cordura that’s built for wear and tear. The suit also comes with some amazing features like aluminum cuffs, neck ring and hose fittings, two side sun shields, and an outer gold sun visor, a ‘snoopy’ cap complete with foam ear covers and an elastic chin strap, air hoses, and rubber-tipped gloves.

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This cool suit prized at $9,500 comes with a Backpack for you to store all your necessary goodies. So get ready and suit up for an out of this world experience.

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