Apple hires Yves St Laurent CEO, Paul Deneve for special projects

Looks like there’s something “special” cooking up at Apple. Sources reveal that the prestigious brand is hiring Paul Deneve, the former chief executive officer of luxury fashion house Yves St Laurent Group (YSLG). And by what we hear, Paul will be working on “special projects” for the company, and would be directly reporting to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Yes, the same Tim whom we had a chance to date via an auction. If only we knew this before, we could have asked Tim the mystery behind the “special projects” for Paul.

However, we don’t think Deneve will take much time to settle in his new position, taking into consideration his association with Apple as a Sales and Marketing Manager back in 1990s. The only thing that bothers us is this mystery build up behind, what we possibly know as the “special projects”. Come on Apple, out with it now! Or do we assume that you too are following the road to super premium fashion products the likes of LG Prada, LG-Versace as well as Sony Ericsson-Dolce and Gabbana?

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[Via – Gizmodo and Bloomberg]