Are you game for an $188,000,000 EuroMillions jackpot?

Do you want to win a BIG, BIG prize? Do you want to have all your financial worries sorted out? Then you must have bought a ticket for the EuroMillions anniversary jackpot of £95million that is about US$188 million. Today’s Jackpot will be the 3rd highest in Euromillions history with a guaranteed Jackpot of 130,000,000 Euro! And it will be the world’s biggest payout if there is just one winner. If nobody is lucky enough to match the five balls and two ‘lucky star’ numbers, then the huge prize will be handed out to players who correctly guessed the most numbers. But you got to be a native of Britain, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal, and Switzerland as it is only played here.

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Postal worker Angela Kelly, from Glasgow, won a £35.4million EuroMillions jackpot last year.