“Armani of Bulletproof apparel” to be worn by Indian Politicians

With the crime rates and shootouts escalating at an alarming rate, it seems just about perfect that the politicians are endorsing the bulletproof apparel that look normal from the outside. Columbian designer, Miguel Cabellero has created the advanced bulletproof fabric that overcomes the disadvantages of heavy and bulky bulletproof clothing made of Kevlar plates. His apparel is called the “Armani of Armor” which he had developed about 16 years ago but it’s now that his products are getting popular. He claims that some of his clients include President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Alvaro Uribe of Colombia and the Hollywood actor Steven Seagal. Rumors made the rounds that Barack Obama wore one of the specially designed suits during the inauguration.

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In India, Cabellero will provide apparel that will cater to the local tastes and traditional dresses under the brand name “Discreet Inners”, which also includes the high collar Nehru Jacket. Cabellero uses a material in the bulletproof apparel (which he did not reveal) that protects the wearer from a wide range of ballistic weapons from revolvers to Uzis. Several Indian politicians have bought the bulletproof apparel that ranges from $4,000-$8,000. Cabellero says that it may seem expensive but it is, but they are worth it in comparison to the “cost of life” That’s some pretty serious marketing skills Mr Cabellero!

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