Artisan du Chocolat collection: Delicious chocolate delights for the holiday season

Chocolates are the most common gifts exchanged during the holiday season. And like all other items these days, even chocolates have undergone a luxurious makeover to appeal to the taste buds of the creamy layer of society. Banking on the elite’s extraordinary preference is Artisan du Chocolat has introduced a unique chocolate collection just for the holiday season. The mouth-watering chocolate collection includes the amazing chocolate snow Globes Marvellous edible decorations. If you lightly shake these globes, you will actually be able to hear the caramel, cocoa nibs, and biscuit bits inside. The delicious globes are made in dark chocolate and decorated in edible silver and gold with a snowy London landscape, Santa sleigh, or winter trees. But that’s not all. Artisan du Chocolat even offers delicious chocolate birdhouses with snowy roofs and bright facades filled with chocolate-coated pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

However, these beautiful chocolate creations are too fragile to send, but you can pick them up or reserve your favorite kitsch globes to pick up in Artisan du Chocolat’s Chelsea, Notting Hill, or Selfridges shops from Nov 1.

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