Artist reinvents the ‘Gold’ life with gold Marlboro, Haribo, coffee and others

What if everything we knew was gold, would it then hold as much value to the world as it does now? That was the inspiration for Slovenian artist Črtomir Just’s 3D ‘Gold Rush’ posters where he recreated regular everyday items, as they would be if they were made of gold. His posters elaborate the global obsession with the shiny metal, which could also signify the desire for the uber luxurious life. Through his posters, he re-imagined the simplest things like Haribo gummy bears, Kodak film rolls, Marlboro cigarettes, a cup of coffee, and a Magnum ice-cream with the elemental gold whether it be solid, gaseous or liquid. The realistic images show an exuberant thick gold wisp of smoke and suspended gold reels of film, along with still image of a cup of gold coffee, slightly whirled to form a golden wave. Our favorites are the melting gooey gold Magnum chocolate ice-cream and the golden red chewy gummy bear, which we’d have no inhibitions of eating, whether it be gold or not.

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[Via – I lobo you]

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