As Greece crumbles, Greeks are spending more on luxury

When all else fail, shop. For Veronica Lodge this might be a mantra but for the common man it is sheer silliness. But what can you do if the very people who you place your trust upon twist your arm behind your back and try to gag you to slow death? Well, then again, try to shop. As people in Greece are being forced to do. Their financial gatekeepers were having a barn dance while the country’s funds kept depreciating and now they are making life difficult for everyone – their patrons and creditors, and themselves.

That is their issue to sort, but citizens in the Mediterranean haven are so fed up, they are clearing their bank accounts and going shopping. They would rather own a sexy Chanel than allow their traitor banks to swallow their hard earned cash. You lose some you win a brand. And this is no analogy, it is true. Mother of two, Sophia, indulged in a Chanel handbag so that she didn’t have to see the government swallow her earnings. Another man got himself branded shoes. These are hardworking common folk of a country with history that dates back to Ice Age and a branded purchase would only be a dream they shelve securely into the deep crevices of their mind in order to have food on their plates three times a day. Hard to believe that the country had once boasted of having the world’s most expensive hotel room.

[Via – National Post]

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