Asia leads North America to become the continent with most number of billionaires

Leaving behind North America and Europe, Asia aces the list in housing the most number of billionaires! Facts amassed by British accountant and former Forbes Rich List researcher Rupert Hoogewerf in The Hurun Report this year clearly attest Asia with 608 dollar billionaires compared to North America’s 440 and Europe’s 324. However, country-wise China remains the second-largest billionaire populated country in the world, with the U.S retaining its top-most position housing 409 billionaires. The report states that China is home to 317 ‘self-made’ young entrepreneurs with an average age of 58. China apparently beat Moscow, Russia owing credit to its recent boom in urbanization. The Hurun shows 7 among the top 20 real estate moguls hail from China.

Other countries like the UK with 56 billionaires and India with 53 rank fifth and sixth on the report.

[Via Telegraph – Image via Flickr

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