Asia will be home to three million millionaires by 2015

We already know that New York is home to the most number of millionaires in the US. While some parts of the world continue to the battle economic crisis, Asia is determined to climb up the power list. It is already known that Asia has more millionaires than Europe but less than North America. According to current reports, the region will boast of nearly 3 million millionaires whose assets total $1 million or more. According to Swiss wealth manager Julius Baer, China and India, the world’s fast-growing economies, continue to churn out millionaires at a rapid pace and predicted that the wealth of high net worth individuals (HNI) would triple to $15.8 trillion approximately. Half of these millionaires will hail from China, the number of HNIs in India would double, and Indonesia will witness the highest growth rate in the number of wealthy people.

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