Asprey Christmas Crackers Pops Up Surprises

Christmas is all about giving and receiving presents….but of course with panache! Asprey represents style, refinement and quality: British classicism expressed with a modern spirit. Asprey, the luxury goods house, has redesigned its Christmas crackers to help your festive celebrations go off with an extravagant bang! Christmas crackers are a classic (British) Christmas dinner tradition. This cracker from Asprey will certainly do the trick; each elegantly wrapped tube snaps open with a satisfying pop and deposits a nifty trinket in its lucky owner’s palm.

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These designer crackers are available with a variety of surprises inside including a small red leather notebook and pen, heart necklace, keychain, cufflinks or a purse atomizer. Each cracker also contains a paper crown, balloon and a quotation. The crackers sell for $237 (£125) each but are also available in packs of six (£725) or twelve (£1450).

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