Assault courses-over, under, through and along!

If you have a fragmentary area in your garden that you would like to set aside for your children, then maybe you should have a look at Arrow Fencing. Arrow Fencing can custom design each playground or assault course to the customer’s specification and prices start from as little as $1380 (£750) for a small play area going up to $91,900 (£50,000) for those who have a slightly larger garden. It has become more popular over recent years to install them in schools to double as both play equipment and for sports training and events. The playgrounds and assault courses provided by Arrow Fencing are also extremely suitable for kid’s clubs and organizations. It offers a large cross-section of children of all ages the opportunity to be taught the importance of fitness developments with fun thrown in. It can be upgraded to become more adventurous and challenging as the children get ‘older and bolder’.

All equipment is completely safety certified and a variety of surfaces can be used. A full range of surfaces is available on request. Arrow fencing is an Established Company that prides itself in the traditional qualities of workmanship, approachability and honesty. Being a member of the U.K Trades Confederation, the materials they use are of the highest quality and fitted at very competitive prices to ensure complete satisfaction.

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