Assouline’s luxury Cadillac book commemorates the automaker’s 110th Anniversary

Books are more than just pieces of information wrapped in pages. When crafted well enough, these turn into items of luxury too. Assouline has been synonymous with well-designed books swathed in luxury. The company has published more than a thousand luxury books worldwide since 1994, showing off its wares at boutique stores across the world. Assouline has now unveiled a perfect tribute to automaker Cadillac on its 110th Anniversary.

The Cadillac book includes 150 pages filled with the automaker’s best. Outlining the company’s life and its car models beginning from the year 1902, the Cadillac will have just 500 copies made, complete with a black slipcase and a metal plaque. While the premium version of this luxury book costs $395, Assouline also sells a less expensive version priced at $75.

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