At $11.1 million this is the worlds most expensive buffalo

There are buffalo and then there’s this fellow. With a horn-span of 56 inches this African buffalo called ‘Horizon’ is valued as the most expensive cattle to walk the earth. Other than his horn-span there’s word that his genes are also the finest anyone could find in his species. Thanks to this, Horizon automatically triples the value of any cow that he impregnates. He is in such hot demand in South Africa that businessmen have purchased stakes (no pun intended) on him and every farmer wants his genes to flow free in their cattle-pool.

Game breeder Jacques Malan initially sold Horizon, who is now owned by four South African businessmen. He presently resides on the farm of one of his owners in Rustenberg, South Africa. His value is so high that it has surpassed the previous record-holder by more than four times! Horizon’s ownership is shared among four businessmen who each own 25 percent of him. He is allowed to mate with ten cows each year. Thanks to his genetics, he is also disease free and is easily among the buffalo with biggest horns to walk the earth.

We are glad that we live in an age where prized cattle such as buffalo are not slain for their assets but rather qualify to be great investments.

[ Via : Bloomberg ]

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