At $1,140 for a double measure, 50 year old Balvenie is London’s most expensive whiskey

If you are a connoisseur of whiskey and enjoy indulging in your favorite drink every once in awhile, you must definitely treat yourself to a glass of what is touted to be London’s most expensive whiskey. At £760 ($1,140) for a double measure, a 50-year-old Balvenie, one of only 83 bottles to come from a single cask, this whiskey makes for one expensive drink. The pricey drink has gone on sale at Scottish bar Albannach in Trafalgar Square. It is reportedly the smallest ever release from the distiller.

It was the first time Balvenie had used a sherry cask to distill a whisky, and it’s their last batch from the Fifties. What is more, unlike other whiskey’s that are moved from cask to cask to add flavors, this one has been in a single sherry cask for the last fifty years.
Sure to take you back to the fifty’s era, this rich, dark-colored whiskey is a treat to all your senses giving a rich smell with hints of Christmas pudding, toffee, and marzipan. Your taste buds will be tantalized upon tasting as the whiskey flavors turn brighter with honey and spices coming through while the finish is round and smooth.
If you are in London, make sure you treat yourself to this exquisite drink.

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