Audemars Piguet sets up the first eco-Friendly Green Room for the 65th Annual Tony Awards

The Tony Awards holds special relevance to the American television and entertainment industry, and as they enter their 65th year, Swiss timepiece brand Audemars Piguet has been named as the “official red carpet sponsor for the 65th Annual Tony Awards” for a third year in a row. The brand will make its presence felt at the show on Sunday, June 12, in collaboration with Patagonia Sur, that will set up the award show’s first ever eco-friendly “Green Room”. Both brands will also partake in reforestation project s where “Patagonia Sur will plant 300 trees over a half acre of land in the Audemars Piguet Forest in the Patagonia region of Chile” to offset the carbon footprint made by the carbon emissions considering that the 100 awards presenters and nominees will take the Arial root.

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The green room will also sport an eco-friendly setup with seagrass carpeting crafted from natural fibers, a zero-toxin aubergine paint job, and compact fluorescent bulbs and energy-efficient LED screens. And needless to say Audemars Piguet will put up its collection of men’s and women’s watches.