Audubon Birdbath and Sundial is an ideal V-day gift for bird lovers

Gone are the days when people used a sundial to tell time. Today they are treated like nothing more but a piece of art. But now there seem to be more uses of the device, which usually doubles as something else too. So if you find some of your flying feathered visitors messing up the hygiene of the beautiful open space around your house, you need a decent distraction. One such thing that you can get to enhance the luxury factor or your yard is the Audubon Birdbath and Sundial. Crafted out of 110 pounds of silicon bronze, the $6,400 birdbath-cum-sundial spots a hand-applied verdigris patina, new from the Telescopes of Vermont stable.

If you can invest another $600, you can customize the birdbath rim with engravings of your choice. Time to set out some birdseed, right?