Austrian jeweler creates world’s most expensive Vuvuzela

The Vuvuzela’s at this year’s Fifa world cup gave a stiff competition to a number of players when it came to making it to the headlines. Counting on the popularity of the ear-bursting controversial instrument, an Austrian jeweler made a profit of over €17,000 ($21,343) by creating the world’s most expensive Vuvuzela. Bought by a Russian billionaire, this Vuvuzela made by goldsmith Klemens Pointner is trimmed with white gold and diamonds. The goldsmith had to import a Vuvuzela especially from South Africa after he couldn’t find one in Austria to create his high-end offering. Weighing 2 pounds, the luxe Vuvuzela has a large diamond on its centre and was made just in time for the football fanatic billionaire who wants to flaunt it at the finals on July 11. This fully functional Vuvuzela is sure to make a lot of noise at the finals.

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